Chapter One

by See-Saw

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See-Saw is a musical collaboration between Eryk Czarniecki and Philip Soanes which began in June 2011, stopped for the summer months, and continued in September 2011. Eryk is a native of Poland, whereas Philip originates from the island of Ireland. 'Minimal acoustic' music was the description given to us by a friend and seems to fit best. Our approach has always been to work carefully to make the guitars fit together and combine this with the vocal melody.

See-Saw's first album 'Chapter One' was launched on June 23rd 2012. When it comes to this album, our idea was to simply record the way we work. We write songs together in each other’s homes so the concept was to capture this and make it sound as warm and genuine as possible. What we recorded in April 2012 in Eryk’s flat is the finished product of this process. We hope that you enjoy the music and get out of it what we have put into it.

Chapter One was recorded at Eryk's Flat and was mixed by Iwona Wierzbanowska.

Chapter One is available as handmade and limited edition CDR for only 5 euros.

2012 © See-Saw



released June 23, 2012


all rights reserved



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Track Name: A Photograph
A Photograph

She sits in a room of empty beds,
Bag open on the floor.
A thought inside her head
Of being somewhere else.

All fall down and back up again
Inside of a melody.

She sits on the bed that pulls her in.
The curtains cast a shadow.
She holds inside her hand a photograph
A time from somewhere else.

All fall down and back up again
Inside of a melody.

She sits on the train.
Looks out the window pane.
A thought inside her head.
A smile upon her face.
Track Name: One Fine Day
On a bench he sat down one fine day
Looking for a place to stay
A place to rest his straw hat

She walked along one fine day
Gave him a smile that he couldn’t give away.
Now his hat has a hook to hang from.
Track Name: He Dreamt of Stars
He went out to find out something
About the others far from here
He went out on his own.

From a bag, he made a home
He slept beneath the sky at night
He dreamt of stars and milky ways.

A staple feed of bread and cheese
A coffee was a luxury
An ice cream was divine.

He captured sights in his head
Explored his inner workings deep
And wrote it down in his notepad.

He says ‘don’t you know what it’s all about?’
His friends look at him as strange
He reads his words they didn’t make him feel alone.
The images are in his head, the senses are still strong but
They’re all in his head.

He went out on a Friday night.
Got together with some friends
And did the things that others do
But walking home dreamt of the stars.
Track Name: A Half-Full Cup
On the table there’s a remainder from the morning.
Steam still rises out of the cup from the bottom.

A cup half-full, half-empty maybe or simply neither.
Lipstick traces then she fades.
Track Name: A Devil On My Shoulder
I was thinking about the other time when you came around to me.
You said my eyes looked strangely out of place and the smell was of something unclean.
You looked at me and said you’d stay for one but that multiplied by three
And then you asked me from here where do we go and I groaned we go to sleep.

Don’t you see the sun?

I was thinking about the other time when I went around to you.
It seemed to me that something was strange when I saw your clothes all over the floor.

Don’t you see the sun?

In my mind it seems logic’s lost its way when we are together again.
Don’t you think that it doesn’t make sense when we are together again?
And the time is slowly ticking by ‘cos we are together again.
I lift myself to leave, you shake your head and sit me back down again

Don’t you see the sun?
Track Name: On a Winter Morning
I left my home on a cold morning.
My footsteps left their mark behind my feet.
The wind it blew to show I was alone.
Through empty streets I walked on and on.

Finding out what I’d given up without a cause.
The only way to find out what I had.

No sympathy from the cold that bit me hard.
Paper thin the skin against my bones.
Legs are numb but carry straight on through
The sheet of white that shows no sign of ease,

From this place I knew I would return
To the room that keeps me warm and safe.
Track Name: From The Corner Cafe
He looks around the city that he grew up in
From the corner café that he often sat in.
Looking out the window at the passers-by
Going different places, with stories of their own.

At a market stand, they call to tempt him in
All the fruit in season promise a world of sin.
He sees the old hotel which has stood for years
The woman feeding pigeons which come from far and near.

He’ll never leave this city behind
It‘s a part of memory that he can’t erase.
But there’s a feeling that he can’t let go and
His flight is due at a quarter to four.
Track Name: What They Said
He came from faraway looking for what they had said.
He sits on the street with his hands open looking for some of the same.

Not knowing what they say he smiles, they throw it right back in his face.
When he turns the other way there is a wall of concrete.

Not seeing the difference between the high-rises above him.
His brightness is fading, what they said was paint on a wall.
Track Name: When The Leaves Fall Down
When the leaves fall down from a height to the ground
He comes back from where he was.
With open arms they embrace and take him in
The kettle boils upon the stove.

Can they change the roof that shelters their heads for something new?
They tend to his room. Not a thing has been removed or been made new.

When trees are green he’ll go to back where it’s grey
Where the paths are long and wide.
The soil is worked in return it gives its share
When it rests then so will they.

Can they change the roof that shelters their heads for something new?
They tend to his room. Not a thing has been removed or been made new.
Track Name: Bonus Track - If I Had (Mespotine Sessions #7)
If I had the chances I would go
To another city where I’d know
Waiting there would be a challenge taken slow
to break out of the daily mode.

Being part of this chain is not good for me
I’d like to remove the link to make spaces clear

The same signs stick out from different walls.
Same colours the only difference is the way they talk.
Lights brighten up the evening but nothing more
Do they add to the copy of a landscape.

I wander in past the wooden door and settle onto a seat
And feel that there’s something good built up from the ground.

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